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Cargrab.co.za is a fresh, user friendly and convenient online platform for South Africans to find their new or used vehicle at a click of a button. Cargrab.co.za's prime goal is to help connect buyers and sellers in the automotive industry regarding advertising, buying and selling in vehicles.


Buying a vehicle can be very time consuming and with the help of Cargarb.co.za  you can find your dream car in just a few easy steps! Cargrab.co.za  user friendly website targets the needs of South African consumers in buying or selling a vehicle and leaves them very satisfied, so "GRAB IT WHILE IT'S FRESH"!



Looking for a new or used car? One that suits your pocket and your tastes? The ideal match between affordability and performance is waiting for you at Cargrab. So find it fast - and GRAB IT WHILE IT’S FRESH!

Get it sooner

Finding the right vehicle is easy with Cargrab. Use our super search tool to select your exact criteria. Then click once and watch the bargains roll out - one after another.

Get it fresher

New deals and new models arrive at Cargrab every day! So come back as often as you like until you find what you’re looking for. Create your account  today and we’ll keep track of your preferences. Every time a new match appears, we’ll alert you instantly by email or sms so you can jump on that deal while it’s still hot!

Get it cheaper

How much performance can you get for your budget? With Cargrab you can squeeze every last bit out - whether it’s economy, power, style or speed. Look carefully and you could uncover once-in-a-lifetime deals that will make you the envy of your friends and colleagues.

Get it right

Remember, a car isn’t just a possession. It’s an expression. So your car has to fit with your identity and your values. At Cargrab, you’ll find a vehicle you can be proud of … and be proud to be seen driving around in. So get searching for a great performer that won’t break the bank.

Great content

While you’re seeking, stay in-the-know with motoring news  and car reviews . Or get handy tips with our professional How-Tos . All our content focuses on helping you make the best choice possible.

New services

We also aim to offer a growing list of essential services to car owners. Start with the best deals for car insurance. Then look out for new services in the future as they become available. Our Vehicle Check gives you all available information and history on a selected vehicle and our dedicated Safety & Security centre can help determine that it’s indeed roadworthy and that all its certificates are up to date.

Same experience, everywhere

Cargrab sports a user-friendly, responsive design that adjusts to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone screen. Whether you’re searching at leisure from home or on impulse while mobile, Cargrab gives you the same exceptional experience each time.


Yet another car trading platform? No, a better one. You’ll see it in

●        Our fresh, enthusiastic approach,

●        Our modern, easy-to-use interface,

●        Our well-crafted search tools and filters, and

●        The insightful information and professional services we offer to help our users make the right choice.


Other platforms have become stale, offering nothing more than classifieds. Car buyers are looking for something new and innovative. Cargrab provides an improved experience with better options. It’s the kind of platform you can rely on to connect you to millions of buyers, ready to do business.


What’s our secret weapon? Better engagement. We aim to keep buyers interested and loyal simply by giving them what they want - more options and tools, an improved experience, more information, and a better chance of owning the car of their dreams.


So whether you’re a private seller or a car dealership, join Cargrab  today and get ready to sell sooner!

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